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Officials, Scholars and Businessmen Gather to Disc
author: xinhua [ 2010-03-01 12:05:30 ]

More than 200 officials, scholars and businessmen gathered Friday to discuss Sino-American bilateral trade and economic ties and help businesses find opportunities in a rapidly developing China.

Michael Woo, son of Wilbur K. Woo, founder of Cathay Bank and the initiator of the annual Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference, welcomed the participants from China and the United States.

He said he hoped the conference would encourage the development of relations between the two countries.

"Right now China's economic developments have permeated into the global industries in various fields, and our workshop will act like a magnifying glass, presenting a variety of business opportunities in Chinese market for everyone," he said.

CEOs, researchers and businessmen were among the 25 speakers and panelists who delivered speeches at the one-day event at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. They engaged in detailed discussions about the development of the Internet, health care, green technology and financial recovery in post-recession China.

Luomei Shu, commercial consul from The Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Los Angeles, outlined the bilateral trade and economic relations between China, the United States' third largest trade partner.

Shu also spoke of the political and economic problems the two countries encounter, as well as the perspective from the Chinese point of view in a keynote speech.

Pointing out that the two countries have many problems with each other in terms of trade, currency, intellectual property protection and other related areas, she called on the Obama Administration to avoid interfering with the bilateral trade by administrative and political manipulations.

"The Chinese government hopes that the United States would deal with bilateral trade disputes in a positive rather than restrictive manner, so as to promote further healthy development," she said.

Other speakers offered suggestions on topics such as riding the next big internet waves in China, clean and green: sustainable growth in the 21st century and financial recovery boosts China's growth.

The event was endowed by Wilbur K. Woo about two years ago to promote understanding of the economic ties between China and the United States. Wilbur K.Woo is a UCLA alumnus and vice chairman emeritus of Cathay Bank.

The event has turned into a major annual symposium dealing with economic, trade and technological development between the two countries.