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Chinese vice premier pledges further dialogue, exc
author: 1 [ 2010-12-09 11:30:52 ]

China will work with the United States to enhance dialogue, exchanges and cooperation, properly handle differences and sensitive issues to push forward bilateral ties, Vice Premier Li Keqiang said here Wednesday.

Li, during an hour-long meeting with a delegation of Chinese American elites, said current Chinese-U.S. relations were developing steadily.

"A sound Chinese-U.S. relationship is conducive to the fundamental interests of the two states, and to peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large," Li told the Committee of 100, headed by Chairman John S. Chen.

Li hailed the booming Chinese-U.S. economic ties, labelling the relationship as mutually-beneficial.

He urged the Committee of 100, which has many members from the business community, to further contribute to bilateral trade and economic ties.

In his turn, Chen, also chairman, CEO and president of the software giant Sybase, applauded China's development achievements and vowed to make more efforts in promoting bilateral ties.

Founded in 1990, the Committee of 100 now has some 140 members, who are both successful and well-known Chinese in the United States and are determined to bolster U.S.-China relations.