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China's homegrown 100 pct-low-floor light rail veh
author: 1 [ 2010-12-09 11:31:30 ]

China's self-developed 100-percent-low-floor light rail vehicle (LRV) has passed safety tests and will likely go into use next year, the LRV manufacturer said Wednesday.

A 100-percent-low-floor LRV is a vehicle with no steps between the entrances and the passenger cabin. The floor of the vehicle is less than 400 mm above the rail.

"We've independently developed the country's first 100-percent-low-floor LRV. It was examined and approved by experts from China's Ministry of Science and Technology in August," Lu Xiwei, General Manager of Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., said.

The number of LRVs the company will produce will depend on orders, Lu added.

"Most of vehicles running on rail in China are high-floor, so people have to get in with the help of removable steps or specialized platforms," said Lu.

The 100-percent-low-floor LRV will be convenient for senior citizens, children and disabled people, Lu added.